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 Trevis - It begins

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PostSubject: Trevis - It begins   Fri Aug 08, 2014 1:06 pm

I can't say for sure if it was a good choice or more correctly put, the only option.  When I left
Cyrodil, it was in disgrace due in large part to a simple misunderstanding between me and my superiors.
They thought the only way of getting things done was through diplomacy and knowledge.  Me?  I figure
that if the gods wanted me to talk, why'd they give me a sword?  I'm not saying that I think I know
the minds of the gods, what I am saying is that I'm going to use what they give me, and use it well.

    Sure the little bastards in that inn were "innocent" of what the proprietor was doing behind closed
doors.  Did they "all" deserve to die in that fire?  I figure if they weren't quick enough to get out of
the building before it collapsed on them, then yes, they deserved it.  I accomplished the mission
objective and my superiors got all caught up in the details of mass slaughter.  Pshaw...weak willed
ingrates, the lot of em!

    I say I had only one option, but that isn't entirely accurate.  I had three when I left Cyrodil.
I knew the races were all forming alliances and I honestly could have found work in any of them.  My
talents are fairly universal.  Funny how death dealing can be sold anywhere.  I've been called evil
so many times I've lost count but I don't believe that to be a fair assessment of me in any way.  I
am an opportunist, a business minded individual that considers efficiency and mission completion
above almost all else.  I am willing to do what it takes to win.  Its that simple.

    I've asked myself on so many different occasions why I settled in Shadowfen and I always come
up with the same answer:  I don't blend in anywhere, no city or people want me, so I lay my head
where most others won't.  Other than some fleshflies and the occasional crocodile, nothing
really bothers me here anyway, so its for the best.

    I am going to have to start making some new contacts here eventually though.  I don't like
all this sitting around.  The coin, or lack of, is irrelevant to me as I just take what I need
from the locals.  They're so weak willed and beat down already, I don't even have to threaten
them anymore.  A public execution or two when I first got here and they think I'm some sort of
avenging angel and they fawn all over me.  Kind of sad really.  Nothing bothers me more than
weakness.  I'd probably just kill them all and end their misery but someone needs to gather my
supplies for me.  Could I do it?  Oh, I suppose I could, but why waste the effort when they can
do it for me.  Efficiency is key! to make some needed contacts.....
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PostSubject: Re: Trevis - It begins   Fri Aug 08, 2014 8:52 pm

Today was most interesting to be sure. As I was exploring the area around my new home, I
came across a most interesting site. It was a run down prison complex that had been over-taken
by Imperials! At first, I wasn't sure I should venture into the occupied grounds but my
curiosity overwrote my caution. It seems with the death of the Imperial Emperor, all Imperial
born citizens are seeking shelter somewhere and not a single one of them questioned who I was
or why I was there. I've noted its location on my map just in case I need some solid intel on
local customs.

After making a few contacts at the Imperial prison, I decided it best to start heading
back to camp. It was then I realized I had become lost in nostalgic thoughts because from
somewhere very close, I heard ... something. Looking back on it, I know what it was now, but
at the time, I definitely could not place the sound and had no idea what was stalking me..or
why. From the proximity of the sound, I knew it was close but I couldn't verify an exact fix
on it.

I consider myself to be a brave man, to the point of excess at times. In this case however,
my instinct towards flight was forefront in my mind, so I ran. I ran as fast as I could, using
every trick I knew to conceal my passage through the swamps. Far had I travelled and yet, still
I knew it was close...whatever it was. With my strength fading as quickly as my breath was, I
knew I would have to turn and fight soon or I'd be over run with no power to fight it.

It was then that I came up a small rise and thought I finally had caught some divine luck.
A stand of trees closely packed together that I could put my back to and at least minimize the
chance of attack from that direction. I knew it was then or never, so I turn and drew blades.
All was silent then, which was honestly more intimidating than a loud roar would have been. No
crickets, no crocs, nothing. All was silent.

Coming over the rise of the hill came what I know now to be a werewolf. Having never seen
one before and only hearing wild tales about them, I didn't know what to think. Taking up my
best defensive stance, I made ready for whatever assault it might bring forth. In a surprising
turn of events, it stared at me. It didn't attack immediately, it just stared at me. I swear
it had an intelligence about it. This werewolf was no mindless beast, it was clearly evaluating
the current situation as any adversary would.

To my utmost horror, it bared its fangs and I knew it had chosen its course. With a wild
roar and a feral pounce, it was on me. So quick was it, that I hadn't time to ready myself in
the least. It broke through my sword and dagger defensive block and savagely bit into my
shoulder. The pain was truly intense, worse than anything I had ever felt in my life. I could
immediately begin to feel something coursing through my blood and I knew that it couldn't be
good. All I could think was, "Damn, this thing as some disease and it just bit me!" I'm not
overly proud of my reaction to that thought, but sure enough, I found a new found strength in
my disgusted anger and gave the beast a mighty shove.

As it was shoved off balance, the werewolf stumbled and in its rage at being denied its
easy feast, it snarled and howled at me again. I was so mad that I howled right back at the
damn thing! I couldn't control the anger, it was flooding through me. All I could see was
red. I knew it had to die. With no other thought in my mind, I threw down my swords and
leapt at it in an all out attempt to rip its throat out. For every snarl and howl it managed
to yelp out in its pain, I matched it with a howl and snarl of my own in anger. I tore
viciously at it.

It wasn't until the fight was over, and the wolf lay dead at my feet that I realized an
amazing fact. I stood over the corpse of the werewolf that had bitten me, and past its curse
or blessing, depending on how one views it, onto me. I hadn't even realized that I had
already transformed into a wolf! The whole fight, the rage that blinded me, also blinded me
from the fact that I had transformed into a wolf myself.......
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Trevis - It begins
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